Angel Alliance Wiki

This wiki is about another Kabam and r2 game. In the game is called Angel Alliance but in r2 it is called the League of Angels. It has many similar features to Wartune. If you find something missing or wrong feel free to edit or add.

About Angel Alliance[]

In Angel Alliance, your goal is to free all the angels and save the world. You level up pretty fast although getting to level 30 is tough. Astral shows what features you will be getting at every level, but you don't get much until level 20. That is not true from 21 to 30. There are many quests, but to get to level 30 you must complete all the side quests except the guild or five friends side quest. There is an (repetitive among most games) arena and games in which you attack. In-game, there isn't any blood scenes.

Latest activity[]

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