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The Arena

Within the arena there are two types of arenas. In both, you will be asked to fight some one. Through the middle door is Domanation,which shows the top rankings. The Arena shop may also be found in the Arena.


In arena, you fight other players for ranks. It is similar to clash of might. You get two sets of five enimies each day (as you can fight only ten people a day). Prizes only go up to rank 100, unlike the clash of might.


1: 5,000 prestige, 20 arena badges, and 5,000 xp.
2-3: 3,000 prestige, 15 arena badges, and 3,000 xp.
4-10: 2,000 prestige, 10 arena badges, and 2,000 xp
11-50: 1,000 prestige, 7 arena badges, and 1,000 xp
51-100: 800 prestige, 5 arena badges, and 800 xp.

Team Arena[]


In team arena you fight with other players against other players.


Fail: 3 Dragon Crest's, Prestige

Arena Shop[]

In the arena shop you can buy various items with Arena Badges and Dragon Crests which are won in the arena. Arena Badges are used to buy Set Prints, Skill Tomes, Angel Relics and Gem Enhancement Stones. Dragon Crests are used to buy the Valor Set, Angel Items and Mount EXP Potions.