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The garden is unlocked after reaching lvl 28. You can plant and harvest what you grow. On one hand you can "Enslave" other players and extort Gold as well as steal part of their harvest. On the other, a player can "capture" you and steal from you in return.

Garden Patch[]

The garden Patch is where you plant and harvest your seeds.



different types of seeds offer different items when harvested. (See Garden Shop)


There are different sizes of seeds: (S), (M), (L). The size influences the amount you reap from your harvest.

Level requirement[]

All seeds have level requirement, the lowest being Lv. 10. The higher the level requirement the more you reap at harvest.

Ripening Time[]

The growth time of the seed depends on the Type and Size of the seed. Generally the Ripening times ar 2h, 8h, 12h, and 24h. You can speed up the Ripening time either by purchasing/using "accelerate" or water your plant.


Price depends on the seeds type, size and level requirement. The higher value of the harvest, the larger the size and the higher the lvl requirement the higher the price. Many seeds can be bought with Gold, though some can only be bought with Diamonds.


This is the first thing you can do after planting a seed. You may also water your friend's and slave's plants if they need it. Watering shortens the Ripening Time, however, it may only be used 20 times a day. You gain EXP for your World Tree every time you water a plant.


Sometimes Bugs will attack your plants, kill them to prevent a small harvest. You may also save your friend's and slave's plants from bugs. Note that you may use the pesticides even after you have reached your daily limit of 20 uses, however you will no longer receive any benefits (World Tree EXP) for doing this.


By stealing from your Friend's and slave's you can gain some of their harvest. But you may only do so 10 times a day.


Clear your field of the plant you were growing to make space for something new.

Seed Verity[]

Gold Seed Harvest Rates
Small Medium Large
LV.1 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours
LV.2 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours
LV.3 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours
Warsoul Seed Harvest Rates
Small Medium Large
LV.1 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours
LV.2 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours
LV.3 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours
Exp Seed Harvest Rates
Medium Large
LV.1 8 hours 24 hours
LV.2 8 hours 24 hours
Rose Seed Harvest Rates
LV.2 LV.3
Time 12 hours 12 hours

Garden Shop[]

In the garden shop seeds can be bought for gold or diamonds.

World Tree[]

Every player has a world tree in their garden. The world tree grants two bonuses:

  1. Increases your harvest
  2. shortens planting time

As the World Tree's lvl increases so will the effectiveness of the bonuses.


You can gain EXP for our world tree in a number of ways:

  • watering plants
  • killing bugs with pesticides
  • harvesting: either your own plants or stealing from others
  • blessing the world tree: either your own or your slaves

Blessing the World Tree[]

You may bless the world tree, in so doing you can increase you Word Tree's EXP. There must be a minimum of 1h between each blessing. Blessings may only be made 10 times a day. After the tenth time you may collect a special reward which is usually a Gem chest.


You can enslave other players to earn a bigger profit. Each slave/player can only stay captive under a player for 2 days. You can free yourself and friends by rebelling against your captor. You can capture anyone from the capture list. You can wait for it to reset it or you can reset it with gems.

The Captor[]


You can attempt to capture anyone from the capture list. If you defeat them they will become your slave. Sometimes you will have to "steal" someones captive in which case you will have to fight their captor. Every day you may attempt to enslave 10 times.


A one time proses where all the captives gold is drained in exchange for diamonds.


The captor can extort money from his slaves, however only a set amount may be extorted. As the captivity increases so does the amount of gold you can extort.

The Captives Garden[]

The captor may enter their slaves garden where, when the crop is ready to be harvested, they can steal some of the slaves harvest. The captor may also bless the slaves World Tree to gain experience for their own World Tree. Finally the Captor may chose to release any of the slave's own slaves.

The Slave[]

As a slave you should try to free yourself as soon as possible. There are three ways of doing so.


Fight your captor in battle, to free yourself you must be victorious, If you are defeated, however, there will be no penalty for you. Additional you may attempt to rebel as many times as you like.


A slave may instantly free themselves by spending Diamonds.

Call for Help[]

A slave may call for help. In so doing an announcement will be posted on the World chat calling for aid. Any player can click on the announcement to fight your captor. If they are victorious you will be free from your captor.